Yellow Citrine Gemstone Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace 6MM Round Faceted

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This pendant necklace features a 6mm round faceted Brazilian Yellow Citrine gemstone with a beautiful translucent yellow color. Citrine is known as the “Success (or Merchant’s) Stone” and is a birthstone for the month of November. Traded and used in Greece as early as 300 B.C. it became popular due to the legend it would bring its wearer wealth. Interestingly, the Gemological Institute of America has declared the largest faceted transparent gemstone is a 19,500 carat Citrine…in case you’re wondering how much that weighs, it’s nearly 9 pounds!

Carat Weight of the gemstone is on average 0.75 cts. 6mm is equivalent to 1/4″ diameter.

We hand set our entire line of jewelry in stamped and guaranteed .925 Sterling Silver. Don’t ever buy jewelry online from a dealer that doesn’t show a close up picture of the stamp proving the quality of the metal, like we do.

The pendant is constructed of a heavyweight amount of Sterling Silver to ensure it lays flat on the chest, and for maximum stone security. The necklace is a high quality 18″ Sterling Silver chain with a heavy duty lobster style clasp. The 8-sided “snake” type configuration of the chain ensures it’ll stand the test of time for years of beautiful wear without the annoying kinking that can occur in cable type chains.

This necklace will include our soft and stylish Swanky925 brand cotton linen pouch.

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